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Magnetique Phone Holder
Magnetique Phone Holder


Magnetique Phone Holder

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Tired of resting your phone on your laptop to make working more efficient? The MAGNETIQUE phone holder provides you that extra hand you need for mobile working, with a remarkably easy setup and game changing convenience. 
We've been in too many situations where we needed a device to hold our phone whether it be a college test with lockdown browser, working on the couch, or just trying to use both devices at the same time... We created the Magnetique phone holder to solve those problems. 
Accessible with any phone, quick setup, and many uses, the Magnetique provides opportunity for everyone. 


The Magnetique's double display clamp is made of high quality lightweight aluminum alloy. It is small volume to be folded in a portable thin size, save space, and easy to carry anywhere you need it.

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